Vintage Scrapbook Stationary Zipper Coin Purse

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This lovely novelty vegan coin purse has a message – ‘the best is yet to come’. When you buy this cute purse that will definitely be the case, and it will also be a great buy this autumn.

The Vintage Stationery Zip Coin Purse comes with embossed printing, appliques and in PU leather and lace The textured soft PU is wonderfully soft to the touch, and there are also cotton and lots of appliques accents with embossed details front to back. There is a cotton lining and 3 card slots and a keychain to fix the purse to your bag or to fix your keys on to. Lose yourself in beauty this autumn with this lovely zip coin purse.

  • Dimensions: 10cm(H) x 15cm(W) x 1cm(D)