Hydro-Herb Thyme

Hydro-Herb Thyme

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Another member of the Lamiaceae family along with both mint and basil, thyme has long been connected with medicinal as well as culinary practices around the world, sometimes being burnt as an incense. 

While thyme may be bought dry it is always more flavourfull when freshly picked, which is where we can help with our thyme Hydro-herb kit. 

Growing hydroponically means there's no mess and as the growth fluid is clearly visible in the lower part of the bottle it's very hard to run out without you noticing. There is enough fluid in the pack for at least a years growth and you can always buy some more to keep your garden growing once you've got the hydro' bug.

More details:

  • When planting Thyme use a large number of the seed, this should give you a good bushy growth which you will be able to trim back and it will still grow back. Again plenty of light is key to maximizing compact growth with tight leavf spacing. allways leave behind enough branch spots (leaves) to ensure recovery post harvest.


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